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Gabby   //   March 22,2013   //   0 Comments   •   The Host, Videos

Saoirse was interviewd by Access Hollywood during the promotion of “The Host” last week. Watch the video below:

Gabby   //   March 21,2013   //   0 Comments   •   The Host, Videos

A new interview with “The Host” cast has surfaced. Check it out:

Gabby   //   March 19,2013   //   0 Comments   •   The Host, Videos

With the promotion of “The Host”, new interviews with Saoirse have been released. Watch them below:

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Gabby   //   March 17,2013   //   0 Comments   •   The Host, Videos

Fan sites dedicated to “The Host” and Stephenie Meyer got to interview Saoirse today after the film’s Special Screening. One of them has uploaded 3 videos of the meeting, but we’ve only been able to watch one of them. Check it out:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Gabby   //   March 14,2013   //   0 Comments   •   The Host, Videos

The first clip from writer/director Andrew Niccol’s The Host featuring Saoirse and Max Irons has been released online. The clip shows the first encounter between Melanie Stryder (Saoirse) and Jared Howe (Max Irons), before Melanie has been taken over by Wanderer. Check it out!

Gabby   //   March 12,2013   //   0 Comments   •   Film Productions, The Host, Videos

A new clip from Saoirse’s latest film, “The Host”, has been released by Regal Movie’s youtube channel. Check it out: