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About I Heart Saoirse
« on: February 16, 2017, 04:26:01 PM »
Hey guys! I know many of you have visited our fansite over the years, and we have recently made some changes that might have left you confused. Here's a brief summary on what you need to know about I Heart Saoirse:

Our fansite was launched on March 2013, around the time Saoirse started promoting 'The Host'. Our original domain was, followed by and finally Mostly because of its domain, our fansite's original name was Saoirse Ronan Fan. After closing it for a few months halfway through 2016, we came back as I Heart Saoirse, on the domain (which can still be used).

The reason we have gone through so many changes in the past 4 years is that many other fansite hosts, as well as actual fansites, have come and gone in this period of time. We were hosted by, and its administrator was the owner of our first domain. When that hosting company closed, we had to move elsewhere and get ourselves another domain to keep the site online - fortunatelly, I had bought shortly before that, so we had a backup. A couple of months after that, I was offered, which had always seemed like the best option due to google ranking factors. Our current name, I Heart Saoirse, was originally used by Maria on a fansite that closed back in 2015. She joined our team immediately after, and we ended up adopting her site's name.

After our first hosting company closed, a few other fansites dedicated to Saoirse closed with it, and their owners were kind enough to leave us a huge part of their content. As a result, a lot of images from our photo gallery came from older fansites, such as Saoirse Ronan Web ( Many visitors have aso helped us grow through these years, and we will always be thankful. ❤

Our team is now constituted by myself, Dani, Maria and Bella.

"I just missed your heart."