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Gabby   //   April 12,2016   //   1 Comment   •   Saoirse Ronan Fan

Today is our beloved Saoirse’s Birthday!! She is now 22 glorious years old. We hope she has had a wonderful day, next to the people she loves. Congratulations, Saoirse!

Saoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

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  1. paul peabody Says:

    Happy Birthday, I have seen Brooklyn 5 times, as it is so lovely and I just love the Irish accent. I would by a cd of you reading a vegetable seed catalog , with that lovely brogue.
    As a grammy winning fiddler, I sure hope they have a good player to help you get the up and down bows coinciding with the visual part. Emmanuel Bearte did a disastrous job , (probably the directors fault) not including this very important dimension to the part of a violinist in a movie she did many years ago.

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