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Here is the full video of Saoirse’s screentalk during the BFI London Film Festival she chatted about starting acting young and more. Check it out.

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According to ShortList Magazine, Saoirse is set to appear the new series of TFI Friday, presented by Chris Evans. Her episode airs this Friday, October 16.

The hugely-anticipated new series of TFI Friday, commissioned after a successful ‘reunion’ special in June, will kick off with U2, Take That and punk duo Slaves playing live, while guests will include Steve Coogan, currently promoting his autobiography Easily Distracted and 21-year-old actress Saoirse Ronan, currently starring in the Nick Hornby-written movie Brooklyn.

The June special was a similarly star-studded affair, with Liam Gallagher and Roger Daltrey duetting, while Blur and Years & Years also took to the stage.

Evans said in a statement: “It wouldn’t be the first episode of TFI without one of the biggest bands in the world, if not the biggest. We’re over the moon that we’ve got U2 on the show. They’re coming in specially, flying straight from a show in Antwerp and straight back to Cologne, making the time just for us, and we certainly plan to make the most of it.”

The band are no strangers to the show, appearing several times in its nineties heydey and famously singing the Salmon Rushdie-penned Ground Beneath Her Feet.

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Our gallery has been updated with several gorgeous portraits of Saoirse taken at BFI London Film Festival. Thanks to Luciana, from winona-ryder.org, for sending them our way.

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

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We have updated our gallery with the first batch of images of Saoirse at BFI London Film Festival, where she attended a photocall, a press conference and a premiere for the film ‘Brooklyn’. Thanks to Luciana, from winona-ryder.org, for sending some of them our way!

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

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Selina Wilken from Hypable had the chance to talk to Saoirse during the BFI London Film Festival, and the interview is already online. They talked about Brooklyn, female directors, stories from the Atonement set and more!

Why ‘Brooklyn’ is Saoirse Ronan’s most personal project yet
Saoirse Ronan describes Brooklyn as, “Very challenging, but the most rewarding film I’ve ever done.”

“Just the effect it has on me… I don’t know what it is, I’m still very much awash with emotion,” she admits. “Eilis, and Eilis’ story, is just a huge part of who I am.”

In the past, Ronan has always looked for roles that allowed her to step away from herself and play varied, interesting characters. But in Brooklyn, she really found herself empathizing with Eilis on a personal level. “And I think because it was so close to me, to not have any separation at all was actually a lot scarier, and it was a lot more vulnerable,” she reflects.

“Someone said to me that it’s a very delicate film and it’s such a great way to describe it, cause simple was never the right word,” says Ronan. “It’s an incredibly emotional film. We all know what that feeling [of leaving home] is like, what that heaviness is like.”

“The realization sets in that you can’t go back, that once you’ve made that step, you can never go back to how it was, before you left, and you can’t prepare yourself for that, you know? That’s not something that anyone tells you about really, when you leave home.”

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A new lovely trailer for the upcoming ‘Brooklyn’ has just been posted on youtube! Watch it below:

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Saoirse Ronan, John Crowley, Colm Tóibín, Nick Hornby and Finola Dwyer attended the London Film Festival press conference for ‘Brooklyn’ today, October 12, and you can watch the full video below: