Hello! Welcome to I Heart Saoirse, a fansite for actress Saoirse Ronan. She is known for films such as "Atonement", "Hanna", "The Host" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel", and was most recently seen in "Brooklyn" - a film that got her an Academy Award nomination as Leading Actress, the 2nd she's received in her career. We have been sharing news, photos, videos and other information on Saoirse and her career since 2013, thanks to the support of many other fans around the world. We appreciate your visit, and hope you come back soon!

This site was launched by Gabby and Prisc on March 23, 2013. We were later joined by Dani, Maria and Bella who have been a great help on keeping it up-to-date and making our archive grow. You can read more about each one of us below.

Name: Gabriela (Gabby)
Contact: E-mail, Twitter
Favorite movie: Atonement (2007)
Hello! My name is Gabby, I am a psychology student and I live in Brazil. Prisc and I started this site back in 2013, and I had already known Saoirse for a few years then, from her work in movies such as Atonement (2007), which happens to be my favorite still, The Lovely Bones (2009) and Hanna (2011). She had been appearing in many places as part of the promotion for The Host (2013), which led me to watch her interviews, noticing she was as likeable as she was talented. I’ve seen most of her work now, and she has never disappointed me. The best part of running this site is that it has connected me to several different fans from all around the world. I am very thankful for the continued support. It’s been so much fun!

Name: Danielle (Dani)
Contact: Twitter
Favorite movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
Hello everyone! I’m Dani, a 20-year-old broke college student from Brazil. Though I joined the site only in 2015, I’ve been following Saoirse’s steps in the film industry since 2011 when she was announced for the cast of ‘The Host’ because I was a huge fan of the book and since then, she has become one of my favorite actresses. I love how passionate and dedicated she is for what she does and as Gabby said, she has never disappointed me. By the way, when I said ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ was my favorite movie I lied because I just can’t pick favorite movies.

Name: Maria
Contact: Twitter
Favorite movie: The Lovely Bones (2009)
Hello everyone! My name is Maria, I am an Applied Multimedia student from Europe and I used to own iheartsaoirse.org. I have been a fan of Saoirse since 2009 after watching her amazing work in “The Lovely Bones” and then I was glued on her and tried to watch all her movies. Saoirse has been doing such as a remarkable work in film industry at such a young age and her passion on acting always inspired me. I have couple of favorite movies of Saoirse like “Hanna”, “The Way Back” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” but “The Lovely Bones” has a special place in my heart.  After closing my site, late summer of 2015, the lovely Gabby offered me to join her amazing site.