Max Irons talks about Saoirse

During a recent interview for the website Flicks & Bits, Saoirse’s “The Host” co-star Max Irons praised her on-set demeanor, saying he instantly hit it off with her and that she’s very professional.

“From the first moment I met her in London, I knew it was going to be easy,” the actor explained. “Some people are just easy to work with, and you watch her and you look at her face and think, ‘What is she doing that’s so special?’ You can’t define [her charm], it’s just there – it’s all there, everything! She is always spot-on and perfectly informed.

It still amazes me that she was 17 when we shot the film. I worked most closely with her and with William Hurt, two masters of their craft, and both were so humble, patient and generous. It was a joy. I listened and learned a lot from William Hurt, he is a master.

“When I went into the audition room there were three guys sitting there, all of which were built like Greek gods. So I thought, ‘Well, what’s the point?’ I forgot my lines about eight times, I think – and I was sweating profusely. But then it started to go really well, I thought that the chemistry was certainly there with Saoirse. It ended up being one of those auditions that was painless and effortless.”