Saoirse’s Interview for ANDPOP

Saoirse talked to ANDPOP while promoting ‘Brooklyn’ at Toronto International Film Festival, and her interview has just been published. She jokes about being allergic to the promotional process of filmmaking, taught them how to properly pronounce her name, and, of course, talked about her film. Read it below.

Now in Toronto for TIFF to promote the Nick Hornby penned film (which we loved), Ronan let ANDPOP in on a few things about her — including how to properly say her beautiful name and how personal of a story Brooklyn is for her — during a roundtable interview.

5. She’s Allergic To Press (No, Really!)
When she walked into, Ronan came bearing a tea and an orange juice. “I’m here with Mr. Tea and Mr. Orange Juice, my entourage,” she said. “I always get sick doing press. My publicist makes fun of me and says I’m allergic to press.” I didn’t make her sick, thankfully.

4. This Is How You Pronounce Her Name
Although she’s probably been asked this question 1,000 times, we just had to get to the bottom of how to properly say her first name. “I pronounce it Sersha, spelled Ser-Sha” she cooed in that incredible Irish accent. Got it? Now don’t forget it!

3. Her Parents Share A Similar Story
Her parents moved to New York in the ’80s, as there was a really bad recession in Ireland during that time. A lot of them fled and moved to New York. Her parents worked very hard – her dad became a bartender and her mom was a nanny. Her dad went on to become an actor and eventually chose to stick with it. They had Saoirse in New York and then moved back to Ireland a bit after she was born.

“To be involved in this film is my heritage and it’s a lot of people’s heritages. When I started the film I thought to myself, ‘this is an Irish film, it’s for Irish people’ but then we went to Sundance and the reaction we got from people who have no connection to Ireland at all was amazing; people have found such a connection to this experience of loss and longing for home.”

2. She Didn’t Realize How Much Brooklyn Became A Part Of Her
As mentioned, her parents immigrated to New York from Ireland — a story incredibly similar to Eilis in Brooklyn. When I asked her if she brought that personal story of her parents to the film, she admitted she didn’t realize how much a part of her the film would become. “We did press in Ireland about a month ago. And one of the journalists there that I know quite well, said to me that when he watched it, it was the first time the movie wasn’t about me or anyone else, but he saw my mom on screen,” she said. “I don’t think I realized it, but I channeled my mother and what she went through. She’s a fiercely independent person and New York made her [that].”

1. Apparently Monroe, New York Is Haunted (According To Her)
When asked about her love for Brooklyn (she’s moving to New York next year!) she said she loves it — but it’s the weird little towns in upstate New York that she finds fascinating. She recounting one haunting incident that happened to her — “We stayed in a bungalow, on my own, in the forest.” she explained. One day when she was totally on her own, she turned on the news and thought, ‘this is great! I have the whole house to myself and I’m going to go for a swim’.

“There was deer walking around outside and I forgot that deers give you lime disease and then all these things I thought were going wrong; and on the news I see convicts had just escaped and I got an Amber Alert on my phone. And I was like, hmmm okay I’m done,” she shared.

Now there’s your movie!