Saoirse’s Interview for USA Today

After Oscar nominations morning, Saoirse was interviewed by USA Today about her new NYC apartment and her stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman’s, plans for her Oscar dress. The article also mentions that she officially begins Broadway rehearsals for The Crucible  on January 25!

Newly Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan has shopping on the brain.

Not for a designer dress for the Academy Awards (Feb. 28); her stylist is taking care of that. Instead, the best actress nominee is spending the day outfitting her New York City apartment ahead of her Broadway debut in The Crucible, which starts rehearsals Jan. 25 (and opens April 7).

“I have to go shopping. I have to kit out my new apartment,” she says by phone. “I got all the furniture, but I want to get some cushions and get a couple of throws to put on the couch — and loads of candles.”

Now her stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, is busy crafting her Oscars look. “She’s been sketching for the last month, but I’m so superstitious I haven’t even talked about it,” says Ronan. “I haven’t said the word ‘Oscar’ for the last year.”

But the fashion aspect of awards season been more fun than expected, Ronan allows. “When I started working with her, I said, ‘I don’t want to wear any pink, I don’t like flowers and I don’t like glitter.’ All she’s put me in has been pink dresses, flowery trousers, glittery jumpsuits,” Ronan laughs. “She’s the best.”

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