“Mary, Queen of Scots” Production News

Hey guys! I am back to updating the site after being absent for a while, and thankfully I’ve got some news about MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS to share with you! As you may know, Saoirse has been attached to this project for years, and it seems it is finally coming together now. According to the website Royal Central, the film has a £180 million budget and it is set to film in Edinburgh, Scotland, over the summer.

A £180 million blockbuster movie about Mary, Queen of Scots is to be filmed in Scotland during the summer.

Mary, Queen of Scots, is being written by the creator of House of Cards – the hit American political series. Saoirse Ronan will play the lead role. She previously had award-winning roles in The Grand Budapest Hotel and Brooklyn.

The film will be shot in Edinburgh. It is finally coming to production after being stuck in development for over a decade.

Producers and backers became enamoured with the screenplay written by Beau Willimon, the man behind House of Cards.

An insider revealed that dozens of Scots would be given the opportunity to play as extras in the historical epic.

The insider was keen to highlight the scale of the movie which they said was set to be “one of the greatest historical films ever made about Scotland.”

They added: “It’s a fascinating 16th-century tale, not least because Mary was only 19 when she was imprisoned, and it was 23 years later before she was finally executed. The script also takes into account many historical facts that have only come to light in recent years.”

Mary, Queen of Scots, acceded to the throne of Scotland at just six days old. Queen Mary married Lord Darnley, the man accused of murdering her husband, in a Protestant service after she was abducted by him and his men. The marriage proved controversial as Catholics considered the marriage unlawful due to Darnley’s divorce, nor did they recognise the validity of the Protestant.

Twenty-six Scottish lords turned against the couple. Mary’s forces quickly deserted her, and she was imprisoned by the rebelling lords. She was forced to abdicate and fled to England. Queen Mary expected help from Elizabeth, but she was imprisoned as plots grew around her. Queen Mary was found guilty of complicity in an assassination plot against Queen Elizabeth and was beheaded.

The film will be directed by Josie Rourke, an award-winning theatre director.

Mary’s life was certainly dramatic and turbulent. If the cast and director pull it off, it will certainly serve to be an epic historical movie.

Source: Royal Central