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[Photos] “The Host” Premiere & Afterparty

Our gallery has been updated with more photos of yesterday’s premiere of “The Host” and its afterparty. I hope you enjoy looking through them!

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

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Saoirse talks about working with Ryan Gosling

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter while promoting her latest project, Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, Saoirse couldn’t reveal details about her character in the upcoming film, How To Catch a Monster, but says she is looking forward to working with Gosling – who is going to be directing it.

“I think it’s going to be very experimental, I think Ryan is going to be very supportive as a director, just because he’s an actor as well and he gets it. From what he’s been telling me about the approach he wants to take, he wants us to really discover these characters ourselves and use our imaginations to create these characters. He’s already written great characters on the page, but he wants us to develop those even more as people. I like that he’s put so much trust in his actors to do that. I think it’ll be really fun and really cool.”

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Saoirse denies “Cinderella” rumors

Saoirse has denied reports she has any involvement in Disney’s live-action Cinderella film, scheduled for release next year.

Earlier this week reports stated The Host actress was “the frontrunner” to star in the movie following Emma Watson’s departure from negotiations.

At The Host press junket on Saturday, Ronan told us she had heard of these rumors but there’s no truth to them whatsoever.

Cinderella will be directed by Kenneth Branagh and plans to shoot later this year for a 2014 release. The only actress cast in the film so far is Cate Blanchett who will take on the role of the evil stepmother. No other actresses’ names have been publicly thrown into the ring for the highly coveted princess role.

Disney’s recent successes on the live-action fairytale front include Alice in Wonderland and now Oz the Great and Powerful. The latter debuted last weekend to a staggering $80 million box office despite mixed reviews and is expected be number one again this weekend. In terms of live action fairytales, up next for Disney Maleficent on July 2, 2014 with Angelina Jolie in the lead role.

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