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Saoirse wins Best Actress at the IFTA Awards

Saoirse has just won an award at The Irish Film & Television Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film “Byzantium”! Unfortunately, she could not attend the ceremony due to working commitments – she’s been filming “Brooklyn” in Enniscorthy, Ireland – but her father was there to receive the award for her. Congratulations, Saoirse!

Saoirse is nominated for an IFTA Award!

Saoirse and the film “Byzantium” have been nominated for the Irish Film & Television Academy Awards!

Best Film
Run & Jump
The Sea
The Stag

Lead Actress Film
Antonia Campbell-Hughes – 3096 Days
Jane McGrath – Black Ice
Saoirse Ronan – Byzantium
Kelly Thornton – Life’s A Breeze

Screen Captures of “Byzantium”

Our gallery has been updated with HD screen captures of the film “Byzantium”, check them out!

Saoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan

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Saoirse talks about “Byzantium”

Saoirse talked with Cath Clarke about the film “Byzantium”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, why she declined The Hobbit and how Hollywood doesn’t have to mean meltdown. Read the article below:

A bundle of energy, Ronan is the most teenage teenage actress we’ve ever met. Child stars are not meant to grow up normal – they’re meant to grow up wild like weeds, into tangled messes. Not this child star. She emerged a fully formed actress in Atonement, only 12 when she filmed her scenes as Briony Tallis. Seven years later she’s brutally honest about the dangers of being a teenager in Hollywood. ‘I could have ended up like Lindsay Lohan. You’re being offered all these different temptations.’ Like what? ‘You know! And everyone is either telling you how great you are or talking about you behind your back. Lindsay Lohan was the ‘It’ girl from like 14. That’s a lot of pressure. If you don’t have your mam telling you “Remember, you’re still my daughter”, you’re going to go off the rails.’

We’re in a nice hotel in London. In the room next door, Ronan’s minders are in a flap. Heavy winds delayed her flight in from Dublin by two hours. Interviews need to be rescheduled. She can’t be late for the Jonathan Ross TV show. Next up she’s starring in a Ryan Gosling movie he’s directing. Cheerfully oblivious, Ronan tells us The Grand Budapest Hotel (due out next year) was her first job without her parents’ chaperoning. The hotel was ‘cool and everything’, but she had been hoping to get a place with a little kitchen of her own. ‘I wanted to be able to cook for myself,’ she says wistfully. ‘I don’t want everyone doing everything for me, you know?’ Her face is a picture of teenage earnestness. ‘I want to naturally be able to grow up as a normal person.’

To be fair, nothing much in her life is normal. Ronan was 13 when she was nominated for an Oscar for Atonement, her memories of the night are of being ‘knackered and hungry’, and she was on a film set before she could walk. Her parents emigrated to New York from Ireland in the late ’80s when times got tough. Her dad Paul took every job under the sun, including one in a bar – where a regular, an Irish actor, suggested he go along to an audition. ‘He never looked back.’

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Neil Jordan talks about “Byzantium” and Saoirse

Zoomin Movies interviewed Irish director Neil Jordan about his new vampire movie Byzantium. The maker of Interview with the Vampire had a great time working on his new bloodsucker flick and was especially pleased with his two leading ladies, Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan. He said Saoirse has a natural and haunting presence, and that she’s one of the best actresses around. Watch the video below:

(Photos) New promotional still from “Byzantium”

Another image from the movie “Byzantium” has been released on its official facebook page. It looks like a couple of photos we’ve seen before, but it’s actually new. Take a look:

Saoirse Ronan

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Cleveland’s review of “Byzantium”

Due to the lack of promotion for “Byzantium” (I suppose all those videos of Saoirse talking about “The Host” set the bar a bit too high), we’ve been looking for anything new on the movie and its release around the world. With the exception of a few great reviews, nothing has come up. Cleveland‘s review is probably one of the most complete I’ve read so far, so I thought you guys might like it as well. There are no spoilers.

Clara is a feisty, flirtatious, alluring woman. Heavy on eye makeup, push-up bras and attitude, she knows how to manipulate men and make money with her looks. She is also a “soucriant,” a kind of vampire-hybrid. Daylight does not upset her and she has no noticeable fangs, though she feasts on human blood and has lived for centuries.

Clara, played by Gemma Arterton, is a real kick in the head. But despite her intensity and murderous streak, she is not even the most interesting character in Neil Jordan’s “Byzantium.”  That would be Eleanor, Clara’s compatriot in blood. More thoughtful and reflective, Eleanor, played by Saoirse Ronan (“Atonement,” “The Lovely Bones”), writes down the history of her bizarre journey as the two women flutter from town to town.

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(Photos) Photoshoot with Gemma Arteton

A new photo of Saoirse and her Byzantium co-star Gemma Arteton from last year has just been released, and we’ve uploaded it to our photo gallery.

Saoirse Ronan

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