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Author Topic: About I Heart Saoirse  (Read 1018 times)


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About I Heart Saoirse
« on: February 16, 2017, 04:26:01 PM »
Hey guys! I know many of you have visited our fansite over the years, and we have recently made some changes that might have left you confused. Here's a brief summary on what you need to know about I Heart Saoirse:

Our fansite was launched on March 2013, around the time Saoirse started promoting 'The Host'. Our original domain was saoirseronanfan.org, followed by saoirse-ronan.net and finally saoirse-ronan.com. Mostly because of its domain, our fansite's original name was Saoirse Ronan Fan. After closing it for a few months halfway through 2016, we came back as I Heart Saoirse, on the domain iheartsaoirse.com (which can still be used).

The reason we have gone through so many changes in the past 4 years is that many other fansite hosts, as well as actual fansites, have come and gone in this period of time. We were hosted by fan-sites.org, and its administrator was the owner of our first domain. When that hosting company closed, we had to move elsewhere and get ourselves another domain to keep the site online - fortunatelly, I had bought saoirse-ronan.net shortly before that, so we had a backup. A couple of months after that, I was offered saoirse-ronan.com, which had always seemed like the best option due to google ranking factors. Our current name, I Heart Saoirse, was originally used by Maria on a fansite that closed back in 2015. She joined our team immediately after, and we ended up adopting her site's name.

After our first hosting company closed, a few other fansites dedicated to Saoirse closed with it, and their owners were kind enough to leave us a huge part of their content. As a result, a lot of images from our photo gallery came from older fansites, such as Saoirse Ronan Web (s-ronan.com). Many visitors have aso helped us grow through these years, and we will always be thankful. ❤

Our team is now constituted by myself, Dani, Maria and Bella.

"I just missed your heart."


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