Saoirse’s Interview for ANDPOP

Saoirse talked to ANDPOP while promoting ‘Brooklyn’ at Toronto International Film Festival, and her interview has just been published. She jokes about being allergic to the promotional process of filmmaking, taught them how to properly pronounce her name, and, of course, talked about her film. Read it below.

Now in Toronto for TIFF to promote the Nick Hornby penned film (which we loved), Ronan let ANDPOP in on a few things about her — including how to properly say her beautiful name and how personal of a story Brooklyn is for her — during a roundtable interview.

5. She’s Allergic To Press (No, Really!)
When she walked into, Ronan came bearing a tea and an orange juice. “I’m here with Mr. Tea and Mr. Orange Juice, my entourage,” she said. “I always get sick doing press. My publicist makes fun of me and says I’m allergic to press.” I didn’t make her sick, thankfully.

4. This Is How You Pronounce Her Name
Although she’s probably been asked this question 1,000 times, we just had to get to the bottom of how to properly say her first name. “I pronounce it Sersha, spelled Ser-Sha” she cooed in that incredible Irish accent. Got it? Now don’t forget it!

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