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Saoirse covers Deadline

Saoirse covers Deadline

Saoirse is on the cover of the new issue of Deadline! It is dedicated to promoting the film Mary Queen of Scots for the upcoming awards season, so the featured image seems to be a promotional still. Thanks to @JeVa22849003 for the heads up! We’ve added the cover to our gallery, as well as a promotional still from the movie that we had previously shared on our site’s Twitter.

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Saoirse covers Vogue

Saoirse covers Vogue

Saoirse is on the August cover of VOGUE! This marks the beginning of the promotion for the film Mary, Queen of Scots, one most of us have been waiting for literally years. A brand new, stunning photoshoot by Jamie Hawkesworth was released along with the article on the magazine’s website. The images have been added to our gallery, and you can read Saoirse’s cover story below.

Saoirse Ronan is describing the aftermath of her first acting job. “I went into this melancholic state for a few weeks,” she tells me. “I remember sitting on the bed with Mam next to me, and I was like: ‘I’m never going to have that experience again.’ ” The community that had come together on set and developed real bonds had now permanently dispersed. “It was that thought: That exact crew will never work together again. Never.” The project was an Irish television drama called The Clinic. When she appeared on it, Ronan was nine years old.

Now 24, Ronan has come to meet me in a coastal Irish town on a sunny afternoon in May. Ireland is facing a referendum to repeal its ban on abortion, and lurid posters of fetuses are everywhere. Ronan recently appeared in a video supporting the reproductive rights campaign—a long-growing grassroots movement that finally succeeded in pressuring the government to hold a referendum—and everyone is talking about it. In the café where we pick up lunch, we fall into conversation with our server about the upcoming vote.

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Saoirse covers Wonderland Magazine

Saoirse is Wonderland’s magazine upcoming cover girl! We’ve added an image of the cover to our photo gallery, and we’ll add scans of the issue as soon as we find them.

Saoirse Ronan