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Saoirse & Lupita Nyong’o talk to Carmen Hamilton

Saoirse & Lupita Nyong’o talk to Carmen Hamilton

ELLE Australia has posted a new interview with Saoirse and Lupita Nyong’o on their website! The article is part of the promotion for Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance Women. You can read the article below, and visit our photo gallery to see the new image released with it.

When it comes to inspiring women, Saoirse Ronan and Lupita Nyong’o fit the brief.

Actresses and activists, both have achieved incredible success, their roles in films such as Lady Bird (Ronan) and 12 Years A Slave (Nyong’o) garnering them serious accolades and respect within the industry—not to mention an Oscar nom. It seems fitting then, that when Raf Simons set out to find a face for his debut Calvin Klein fragrance—and the brand’s first perfume launch in 13 years—the designer tapped the pair to bring his scent to life.

Calvin Klein Women is an exploration of femininity. Described as a woody floral scent with notes of eucalyptus, orange, and cedarwood, the fragrance is inspired by the transmission of strength and inspiration from one woman to the next. Within the campaign video, Ronan and Nyong’o (who met for the first time while collaborating with Calvin Klein) each nominate the women they have been most inspired by. It’s a refreshingly empowering fragrance campaign for Calvin Klein and powerful debut for Simons.

Chronicles of Her founder and fellow CK girl Carmen Hamilton sat down with Ronan and Nyong’o to chat female role models and feminism in Hollywood.

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Saoirse’s Interview with Elle

Saoirse has recently talked to Elle Magazine about about choosing complex characters, her Bridesmaids birthday party plans, and her unbridled love of brogues. Read the interview below:

How would you define your style? How has your stylist Grace Moore helped it evolve?
You know about Grace! Oh, that’s so nice! She’s one of my best mates. If an Irish designer is good at what they do—and there are a few in particular: Simone Rocha is one who is doing so well at the moment, Tim Ryan is another great designer—I want to wear them. I think about what I wear. I also feel like this is what everyone says, but I wear a lot of casual stuff. I wear jeans mostly, and trousers. I found that I started to dress an awful lot like my mom, so I wear a lot of ’90s, long, floral dresses now, and a lot of print shirts and jeans. That’s what I’m most comfortable in. And brogues. [Kicks up a leg to show off her lace-up shoes] I have so many brogues! And I wear them whenever I can. If I could convert people to brogues, I’d be so happy.

When Wes Anderson sent Ralph Fiennes the script for ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, he told the actor, “Just read the script and tell me who you want to play.” He couldn’t do that with you—unless they considered you for Tilda Swinton’s character?
Listen, if there’s a character that has a birthmark in the shape of Mexico on her face, there’s no contest. It was always going to be Agatha for me. But I still couldn’t quite believe it when my agent called me and said that Wes Anderson wanted to send me the script to read.

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