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(Video) DP/30 TIFF ‘Brooklyn’ Interview

A great new interview with Saoirse and John Crowley – who directed her in ‘Brooklyn’ – has been released! It is 36 minutes long and well worth the watch.

Saoirse talks to The Irish Sun

The Irish Sun has just posted a new interview with Saoirse in which she speaks out about huge gap between what male and female stars earn in Hollywood and about her plans of moving to New York next year.

The 21-year-old businesswoman, whose production company Slaney turned a profit of €111,677 last year, said financial inequalities in Hollywood are “not fair”.

She said: “What are my feelings about women being paid less than men? It’s ridiculous. It shouldn’t be the case anymore. We’re doing exactly the same job.”

“I feel like we’re very much part of a movement now with a film like Brooklyn (based on the novel by Colm Toibin) which has so many scenes in it that consist of female interaction and that only have women at the centre, being entertaining on screen. They’re smart, well-written, well-rounded characters. I hope that will help change things.”

“This financial inequality shouldn’t be the reality. It’s really not fair and there’s no justification for it.”

New York-born Saoirse who lives in Carlow also revealed she is thinking of returning to the Big Apple to study film.

She said both Ireland and New York feel like home to her in very real and different ways.

She explained: “I celebrate being Irish and I also really celebrate being born in the greatest city in the world.

“I think you can have different identities and you can take different things from the places you’ve grown up with. America has, over the past few years, become a huge part of who I am and a lot of my friends are over here.

“I’m going to move to New York next year and I can’t wait. I will always be Irish and I will always be very proud to be Irish and I will take that with me, wherever I go. We are like a nation of leavers but we always sort of come back . . . emotionally or physically, we always return eventually.

“I’ll fly the nest but Ireland will always be home and I’m very sure of that in myself.”

The thespian credits her success to her parents.

She said: “I don’t feel like I’ve ever had to hide any aspect of myself. I’m the kind of person — and maybe this is the way I work as well — where if something just doesn’t feel right, I have to sort that out. I can’t just sit on that at all because I get this huge knot in my stomach, no matter what it is — whether it’s needing to make a phone call to somebody or . . . if I feel like I’ve upset somebody and having to make sure I apologise, or whether it’s a job and feeling like a certain job isn’t right for me, I have to follow my instincts. It comes down to my parents and always being able to be open with them about how I feel.”

(Video) New ‘Brooklyn’ interview

A new interview from while Saoirse was doing press for ‘Brooklyn’ at TIFF has been posted on youtube and you can watch it below. She discussed her upcoming film, New York, family and more!

Saoirse’s Interview for ANDPOP

Saoirse talked to ANDPOP while promoting ‘Brooklyn’ at Toronto International Film Festival, and her interview has just been published. She jokes about being allergic to the promotional process of filmmaking, taught them how to properly pronounce her name, and, of course, talked about her film. Read it below.

Now in Toronto for TIFF to promote the Nick Hornby penned film (which we loved), Ronan let ANDPOP in on a few things about her — including how to properly say her beautiful name and how personal of a story Brooklyn is for her — during a roundtable interview.

5. She’s Allergic To Press (No, Really!)
When she walked into, Ronan came bearing a tea and an orange juice. “I’m here with Mr. Tea and Mr. Orange Juice, my entourage,” she said. “I always get sick doing press. My publicist makes fun of me and says I’m allergic to press.” I didn’t make her sick, thankfully.

4. This Is How You Pronounce Her Name
Although she’s probably been asked this question 1,000 times, we just had to get to the bottom of how to properly say her first name. “I pronounce it Sersha, spelled Ser-Sha” she cooed in that incredible Irish accent. Got it? Now don’t forget it!

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(Videos) Saoirse’s Interviews at TIFF Red Carpet

As we posted photos before, Saoirse and the cast from ‘Brooklyn’ attented the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and they stopped by during the red carpet to say a few words about the movie. Watch the interviews below:

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Saoirse’s first vote will be for marriage equality

Saoirse talked to the Independent.ie at the Yes Equality ‘Your Yes Matters’ campaign launch today about the importance of voting in the Marriage Equality referendum.

Academy Award-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan says she is excited and honoured that her first vote will be for marriage equality.

The 21-year-old Carlow native is eager to encourage her fellow young people to get out and vote this Friday in the Marriage Equality referendum.

Speaking at the Yes Equality ‘Your Yes Matters get out the vote’ campaign launch, Ms Ronan said this is an opportunity for her generation to create a fair and equal society.

“I’m really excited about it and I’m really honoured that my first vote is going to be a yes vote for marriage equality,” she said. “If it’s a yes vote it means we’re standing with the best of them. We’re forward-thinking, we’re fair, we’re just and we’re equal. If we don’t, then we’re none of those things and I would be extremely disappointed.”

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(Video) Saoirse Ronan launches Your YES Matters

Saoirse Ronan launched the ‘Your Yes Matters’ campaign which encourages people to plan how they’ll vote on Friday by visiting GetMeToTheVoteOnTime and you can watch a video in which she talks about it below:

Saoirse’s Interview for Yahoo

With the premiere of Stockholm Pennsylvania on Lifetime, new interviews are being released in which Saoirse talks about the movie and more. This one was posted by Yahoo and you can read it below:

It’s no Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? And while we adore Lifetime movies of that ilk, this weekend’s television premiere of Stockholm, Pennsylvania — an intense kidnapping thriller that debuted earlier this year at Sundance — is a welcome addition to the Lifetime library of mother-daughter drama movies.

Pithily described by star Cynthia Nixon as “Misery with a mother and daughter,” the movie, from first-time director Nikole Beckwith, also stars Atonement Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, 21, as Leia, a young woman who was kidnapped when she was four-years-old. After spending 17 years with captor Ben, Leia is returned to her parents, and the reunited family is not fated for a happily-ever-after ending.

Ronan, who is fascinating and heartbreaking as Leia, talks to Yahoo TV about telling this aspect of a kidnapping story — which was recently nominated for a Critics Choice award — and the TV shows that are inspiring her to look for a small-screen starring role herself.

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