WhatWeWear Interview and Photoshoot

I’ve updated our gallery with two photos taken by Justin Coit for the website WhatWeWear. Along with the images, they have released an interview – in which Saoirse talks mostly about style. Read it below.

Saoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan
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Thursday, March, 28, 2013

At just 19 years old, Saoirse Ronan already has a more diverse resume than many actresses three times her age. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for Atonement (at 13!), played a brutally-murdered teen in The Lovely Bones, and starred as a steely young assassin in Hanna. Off-screen, the Irish beauty’s style is as eclectic as her film roles. Equally polished and edgy, Saoirse glams up the red carpet with ease and grace—and just the right amount of swagger. This month, she stars alongside fellow style star Diane Kruger in sci-fi romance The Host, based on the book by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. She took a few minutes out of her time stateside to talk favorite costumes, prissy dressing, and worshiping Tilda Swinton.

WWW: What does it mean to you when you get into costume for a film?
SR: I think it’s a really important part of building a character. To have time with the costume designer and director before you begin shooting is wonderful. Sometimes you’re building a character from outside in, and you take in the physicality of the person you’re playing through your clothes. They’re a big part of who the person is.

WWW: What has been your favorite movie wardrobe so far?
SR: My favorite was on How I Live Now. I was playing a girl from New York City with bleached blonde hair and piercings, and as soon as I put my leather jacket and creepers on I really felt like I could have an attitude.

I always have a special place in my heart for the yellow bell-bottoms that I wore for The Lovely Bones, but I wouldn’t wear that stuff out.

WWW: Describe your personal style.
SR: Very casual, very low key. Not prissy. Always something that has a bit of an edge.

WWW: What’s something you’d never wear?
SR: I’m not into really pretty pink things. When I was younger, I went shopping with my mum, and she brought this pink dress over, and it had these big puffy sleeves. I was only two, but I said: No, no, no! It’s too prettiful!

WWW: What style risk would you like to take?
SR: I’d love to wear Doc Martens on a red carpet.

WWW: Who are some of your fashion icons? 
SR: Diane Kruger has great style. I love the stuff Tilda Swinton wears on the red carpet. She’s very much herself, and I love to see someone like that who wears trousers and such on the red carpet. Kate Moss, obviously. I do really love London fashion as a whole. To see designers like Simone Rocha over there who are very edgy—it’s really cool, the epitome of great style.

WWW: Would you ever dress like Tilda?
SR: I don’t see why not. I definitely look to her and think you should be able to wear whatever you want, instead of sticking to the roads of the red carpet which a lot of people do. It’s quite boring. If you want to wear an anorak over a dress, why not?

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Saoirse is wearing: BLK DNM Leather Jacket 1 ($795); Stella McCartney Cesilie Dress ($1670, 310.273.7051); Ariel Gordon Love Knot Studs ($145) in 14K Rose Gold; Salvatore Ferragamo Brushed Brass Chain Necklace ($650, 212.759.3822); Jennifer Fisher Brass XL Chain Link Ring ($125, 1.888.255.0640); Dana Rebecca Sylvie Rose Ring ($330 each).

Photographer: Justin Coit

Fashion Editor: Laurie Trott

Hair: Conor Mc Allister at The Grafton Barber

Makeup: Mai Quynh at StarworksArtists.com