(Video) Interview for IndieWire

Saoirse dat down with Anne Thompson from IndieWire to discuss instinct, insecurity, and roles for women. Watch it below:

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  1. I am currently reading “Mastermind” by Maria Konnikova, one of our finest young authors. Its premise is to “think like Sherlock Holmes”. a NYT bestseller, in it, she specifically calls on one to separate the inflections , accents, from what is being said so that one might make a clear sober judgement about what is being said.
    If I divorce myself from the lilting, fanciful accent of Ms. Ronan, I am afraid I would be quite sad in that so much of how much I find myself engaged in her discourse, comes from her delivery as such. She explains every point with such lovely rhythms and cadences the ebbs and flows of which are what make it so delightful for me, to hear about this subject.
    I think she could read a copy of the annual vegetable tally for the whole of Ireland , and I would listen with rapt attention. I have had the pleasure of performing and getting to know Liz Carroll , arguably the finest Irish fiddler in the world, and it makes me miss her fiddling and personality to hear Ms. Ronan wax on about the subjects of this interview.
    I realize I how much I miss my friends there, and have not heard such a beautiful accent in many a day. I think this was a casting fate for the ages for this lovely young lass, and I thank god for her portrayal of Eilish and this entire production of fabulous actors and directors writers, etc ! It is going to be a very interesting Oscar season I think, I have a feeling the timeliness of the “immigrant” issue right now may prove an added blessing of yet to be known dimension. TY so much for posting ,

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