Join Saoirse’s 23rd Brithday Project!

Hello everyone! We have recently decided to start a fan project in honor of Saoirse’s 23rd Birthday, which is on April 12, 2017. Our current idea is to make her a scrapbook, containing any kind of content created by you guys and put together by us. That means you can write Saoirse a letter, make her a drawing, write her a song – anything you want, and we will include it in a fanmade book that will be sent her way in March. Pictures of yourself with DVDs of her films, her shows, autographed stuff, and even pictures with her (if you’re lucky to have one!) are also great ideas to include.

If you’re making her anything by hand – letter, drawing and etc – make sure the image you send us of it is clear. Needless to say, anything that seems disrespectful to Saoirse herself, her family or work colleagues will not be included. Other than that, feel free to let your imagination go wild. If it fits in a book, it will be on ours.

If you wanna take part in our project, please send the content you wish to include in the scrapbook to until February 12, 2017, and make sure you include your name and preferably the place you are from. You can also e-mail us any questions you might have, or you can contact us via Twitter and Facebook.

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    1. Hello, Roland! Would you like to write Saoirse a letter, to be included in our fanbook? We’ll be sending it her way in February (given that we get enough entries, of course).

  1. I’m an avid fan !!!! I love the way she acts and delivers her thoughts 🙂 I want to be part of this project!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Gabby 🙂 I already sent my email … Would like to confirm if you have received it? Thanks!

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