“Saturday Night Live” Promo #4

Tonight’s the big night! Saoirse will be presenting Saturday Night Live, and you can watch her by tuning into NBC at 11:30PM ET (and 10:30PM CT). Their official account has released another promotional video, in which she lists her 5 all-time favorite sketches of the show.

2 Comments on ““Saturday Night Live” Promo #4”

  1. Most of the sketches weren’t funny, I really liked the Welcome to Hell one though
    It was to be expected with SNL though, not much Saoirse could have changed, I really hope they’ll release pictures of her in her different outfits though, that’s be great.

    1. The “Welcome To Hell” sketch was the best of the night! But I did laugh with the explosion one and the boyfriend/tampons one, too. And the weekend news, even though Saoirse wasn’t in it. I hope they release those pics they showed on the breaks! It looked like a beautiful photoshoot.

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