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Exclusive Interview with JustJared

JJ caught up with Saoirse to get the scoop on what it was like working with Max Irons, as well as their co-stars Diane Kruger and Jake Abel. Read the complete interview below! What was your favorite off-screen moment while shooting.
Saoirse Ronan: Max and I went to have dance lessons for the swing dance montage scene that we have. And we went to see this guy, I think his name’s Ralph or Ray, or something like that. And he was just so cool…but he was quite small. And he was a great guy, so we had really fun times doing that.

JJ: Did both of you pick it up at the same time or was one a better dancer than the other?
SR: I was a better dancer! I picked it up before Max did. Max needed to just relax a little bit. And I kept taking the lead, which I always do anyways whenever I dance.

JJ: I thought he said he was a break dancer when he was younger.
SR: Yea, he did this break dance Grease mix tape at a disco when he was like ten years old. He was like ‘Oh yea, I won this dance competition once!’ And we were like ‘Oh my God, when was that and what did you do and stuff?’ ‘I was like ten years old at a camp! I don’t know if anyone else danced’ I wonder if it’s on Youtube!

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Saoirse and Max Irons to appear on GMA

According to the website TV Broadway World, Saoirse and Max Irons are going to make an appearance on Good Morning America this wednesday, March 17th, to promote “The Host”.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 – Actor Duane Johnson (“G.I. Joe Retaliation”); actors Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons (“The Host”); baseball legend Cal Ripken, Jr. on his new book, Wild Pitch; the “Dancing with the Stars” couple voted off from Tuesday night