Best Actress Competitors Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan to Share Honor

It has been announced that Saoirse Ronan and Brie Larson will be sharing the award for Outstanding Performer of the Year at Santa Barbara International Film Festival!

The ‘Room’ and ‘Brooklyn’ stars, respectively, were previously honored with the fest’s Virtuoso Award.

The top two contenders for the best actress Oscar, Brie Larson and Saoirse Ronan — the twentysomething stars of Room and Brooklyn, respectively — have been tapped to share the Outstanding Performer of the Year Award at the 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the fest announced Tuesday. It’s the first time the award will be given to two honorees. Both Larson and Ronan had previously been awarded the festival’s Virtuoso Award, in 2014 and 2010 respectively.

The ceremony will take place at Santa Barbara’s historic Arlington Theatre, on a date still to be determined, as part of SBIFF’s 31st edition, which is set to run Feb. 3-13.

“This is an incredible year for emerging talent to take center stage and showcase their abilities,” SBIFF executive director Roger Durling said in a statement. “We’ve long been following the careers of Brie and Saoirse and their recent roles as empowered young women transcend time, place and circumstance. We are so proud to be jointly celebrating these two great actresses in such strong performances.”

Larson and Ronan will join an recognized group of previous Outstanding Performer Award recipients, including: Steve Carell (2015), Cate Blanchett (2014), Jennifer Lawrence (2013), Viola Davis (2012), James Franco (2011), Colin Firth (2010), Penelope Cruz (2009), Angelina Jolie (2008), Helen Mirren (2007), Heath Ledger (2006), Kate Winslet (2005) and Charlize Theron (2004).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Her performance is brimming over with humanity and poignant tenderness. The movie at its root is about the kindness of others, imagine that !! in this current frightening world.
    Simply and non-sentimentally told, magnificent , everyone I know who has seen it, is reacting this way. People are starved to see the best aspects of men and women behaving in a dignified and gracious manner towards one another.
    John Crowley has crafted a masterpiece ,unlike any movie that has constant joy as its undercurrent theme. The only film like it, in my view is “Singing in the Rain”. He has managed to make a theatrical experience , the intimacy of the theatre come to life in a film. NO one in my view excepting, Satayajit Ray in “The Big City” , has quite achieved this, not Olivier, Branagh, I am overjoyed.

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