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Happy birthday, Saoirse!

Today (April 12), Saoirse is celebrating her 28th birthday! I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Saoirse!

Check out Jack’s cute birthday Instagram post for Saoirse!

The Best Films with Saoirse Ronan

Travers Peter called her an acting sorceress, and few can argue. The Irish-American hotshot is still in the relatively early stages of her career but she has been a constant in movie award circles over the past decade. Her ability to bring characters to life has endeared her to many. She has won a dozen of the awards she has been nominated for. There are even new bingo sites, like, with Saoirse Ronan themes. This piece takes a look at some of the best films she has featured in.

Released in 2011, Ronan played the title character in this action thriller. The movie was about a 15 year old girl brought up in the Arctic wilderness to be an Assassin. She starred alongside other big names Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. The movie featured dark fairy tale elements, which earned it generally positive reviews from critics. Ronan enjoyed universal acclaim for her performance and went on to win a PFCS award.

The Way Back
Released in 2010, Ronan played the character of Irena in The Way Back, a war dramatization, where she played the role of a polish orphan making a 4,000 mile trek from Siberia to India after escaping from prison. The movie was shot in Morocco, India and Bulgaria, and she featured alongside other established actors Ed Harris, Colin Farrell and Jim Sturgess. The movie was greeted with positive reviews and Ronan won her fourth IFTA Award for her performance.

Grand Budapest Hotel
Shot in Prague, the 2014 movie features Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Jude Law and Owen Wilson. Ronan played the role of Agatha in a movie that revolved around Ralph Fiennes and his escapades. However, Ronan received immense praise for her portrayal of the Agatha character. The movie received massively positive reviews from film critics and the public.

How I Live Now
Released in 2013, this movie is an adaptation of Meg Rosoff’s 2004 novel. In the film, Ronan played the role of a teenager that has been sent to live with her cousins on a remote farm in the United Kingdom during the outbreak of a war (fictional third world war). The movie was first screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival during the Special Presentation Section.
These are some of the best movies featuring Ronan. She is an exceptional talent that is showing signs that she will only get better as the years go by.

Saoirse interviews Rose McIver

Actress Rose McIver, star of the new television show “iZombie”, was interviewed by Saoirse for Interview Magazine. The pair met during the making of the film “The Lovely Bones”, back in 2008, and have remained close friends ever since. The focus of the interview is Rose’s career, but since it gives us a very sweet interaction between the two of them, we thought you might want to read it anyway.

In Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, Rose McIver plays Lindsey Salmon, a young woman carrying the weight of the brutal rape and murder of her older sister Susie. Over the course of filming in her native New Zealand, McIver became friends with the actress playing the forever 14-year-old Susie, Saoirse Ronan. Seven years later, and the two remain close. They do, after all, have a lot in common: both McIver and Ronan began acting when they were still children in English-speaking countries with a much smaller entertainment industry than the U.S.

Now 26, McIver is an industry veteran with a résumé that includes everything from The Piano and Xena: Warrior Princess to Once Upon a Time, Masters of Sex, and indie films like Brightest Star. Tonight, McIver’s new show iZombie will debut on the CW. The premise might sound a little silly—McIver stars as a crime-solving zombie who works in a morgue and eats the brains of murder victims—but, helmed by Veronica Mars’ Rob Thomas, the series is clever and fun.

SAOIRSE RONAN: Rosiepops! Can you hear me? You sound really far away.

ROSE McIVER: Yeah, you sound like you’re talking through a hedge. It’s like that Louis C.K. thing—it’s a miracle we can even talk like this.

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Sheridan wants Saoirse to star in his own story

Sheridan is bringing a movie about his childhood to the silver screen and director Jim Sheridan has secured Saoirse Ronan for the lead. The six-time Oscar nominee will go into production with Sheriff Street later this year.

And he is certain 19-year-old Saoirse would do the job of playing the lead, Frances, perfectly. “I always wanted to have Saoirse in it, but casting the father is more difficult because I don’t know what age to make him,” he told the Herald.


Lauryn Canny would like to work with Saoirse


She’s the one to watch this year. The name Lauryn Canny might not be familiar to most people just yet, but, trust us, in a couple of months’ time you’ll know who this 15-year-old is.

“Meryl Streep is my ultimate inspiration,” says Lauryn. “I’m obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence as well — I just love her. Closer to home, Saoirse Ronan is brilliant. I’d love to work with her some time.

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Kevin McDonald talks about Saoirse

During an interview for CraveOnline, Kevin McDonald – who directed the film “How I Live Now” – talked about Saoirse. Read the article below.

CraveOnline: Saoirse told us you did not want to cast her at first.

Kevin Macdonald: [Laughs] Well, that’s not quite true. It’s not that I didn’t want to cast her. It’s just that I didn’t think of her for the role I suppose because I wanted an American and I wanted somebody who was unknown. I had it in my head that it should all be a cast of unknowns. I looked for a long time here in the States, had a great casting director, and we looked and looked and couldn’t find anybody.

Then the casting director in the U.K. said, “What about Saoirse?” And I said, “Well, she’s great. She’s a great actress but she’s Irish and she’s a bit older than the character who was meant to be maybe 16.” She said, “Well, you should just meet her.” And of course she walked in and I looked at her and was like, “All right, you’re so fantastic.” Then she read a scene and we were all in tears. Instantly I thought, what an idiot I am. Why didn’t I think of her to begin with? We would’ve saved a lot of time and pain.

Is How I Live Now your first love story?

I guess it is. I’ve done things which have a love story element in them, a romantic element in them of one sort or another. State of Play is a romantic story at it’s heart. Last King of Scotland even has a love story in it but this is the first one which I can say is a love story. That’s what it is. It is a love story. It’s about a girl who can’t love, can’t be loved, doesn’t feel she’s loved who learns to be loved and learns to give love and is transformed through the course of this tale. I was attracted to that. I wanted to make a love story. I wanted to make a story which, although it’s quite dystopian and dark and disturbing in some ways, is at its heart positive, a very positive human message.

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Saoirse’s body double talks about her

Laura Harold, 33, from Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan, stood in for Saoirse in the film “How I Live Now”, released last month. She told WalesOnline she was put through her paces during a physically-demanging shoot and appeared naked in scenes depicting a dream sequence.

She told WalesOnline “The role came about by chance. I had a friend who couldn’t do it and I got asked to send some photos in to an agent who was helping cast How I Live Now and I matched up almost. Obviously we are very far apart in age – I’m 33 and she’s 18 or 19 but when it came t measurements, we were fine.”

Laura said filming took place between May and July last year in Carmarthenshire. And she said the experience was very different to her normal on-set routine. “The next Monday I had a chauffeur show up on my door,” she said. “It was strange with where I was in life – on set and making the set – to being on it and being pampered and someone holding an umbrella and a coat.”

But Laura added it wasn’t all glamour – with frequent late-night shooting and physically-testing scenes. She said: “I really had to get my running shoes on. Most of it was running through brambles and running up a hill. It was a lot of sweaty work because Saoirse could only do a few takes as they were filming in two locations at once. You get scratched up and bruised up and there were times when I was working so hard I felt physically sick and that was quite hard work on my body. You are out there for so many hours and have to get it done in daylight.”

Meanwhile in scenes where she had to strip off, Laura took a pragmatic approach. “I don’t really mind my body,” she said. “We have all got faults.” Laura also met Saoirse and her parents on set and described the young star as “a good laugh”. “She was very down to earth and her parents were down to earth,” Laura said. “She was a good laugh, paying cards and messing around with the other kids on set.”

Sourse: WalesOnline

Saoirse is a nominee for the British Independent Film Awards

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse’s performance as an American teenager in Kevin Macdonald’s apocalyptic teen drama ‘How I Live Now’ has earned her strong reviews, which bodes well for her chances of securing other acting nominations as awards season gets underway in the UK and US. She is nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance in How I Live Now, with Judi Dench (Philomena), Lindsay Duncan (Le Week-end), Scarlett Johansson (Under the Skin) and Felicity Jones (The Invisible Woman) also shortlisted.

Best Actress
Judi Dench – Philomena
Lindsay Duncan – Le Week-end
Scarlett Johansson – Under the Skin
Felicity Jones – The Invisible Woman
Saoirse Ronan – How I Live Now

Source: The Irish Film & Television Network